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Q-Do you give "Macros"?

A-Macros are calculated for you as a reference point and adjusted as needed to achieve better health and your goal. I offer several ways to achieve your goals depending on what you prefer.


Q-What type of diet/nutrition system do you believe in?

A-I don't prescribe to any one type of diet or system.  Each client's unique situation lends itself to a particular diet whether it's Intermittent Fasting, Flexible Dieting, Ketogenic, Paleo, Time Restricted Feeding, Fasting, AIP, HCLF or HFLC, ZONE, etc. 

Q- I’m not a competitor can I still work with you? 

A-Competitors comprise less than 5% of my total clientele. 

The bulk of my clients are average people looking to get healthy and improve their performance and physique. 

Q-I’m confused by the packages, which one is best for me? 

A-Consultations are for clients with specific questions about their current nutrition plan and are good for educational purposes. They're for beginners who aren’t ready to go full steam ahead but would like to make some healthy changes in their lives.   These offer no coaching after the consult.

The 90 day transformation package is ideal for someone that’s committed to maximizing results and is willing to commit for three months. This would not be a good choice for someone who is unsure if they can commit or is too busy to make time for working out or who can't prepare meals or has never dieted before.

Q-How much weight can I expect to lose?

A-in most cases 1-2 pounds of FAT loss can be lost in one week. Some people lose a little more and some people lose a little less weekly. Underlying health issues can affect weight loss.

Your current lifestyle and body fat level will dictate how long it will take to lose.  For example, if you have 20 pounds of fat to lose it can take 20 weeks

Q-Do I need blood work first before starting? 

A-Not required before we meet, usually after our consult I can give a detailed list of labs needed to treat your specific condition. 

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