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Unlock Your Optimal Health with Our Expert Guidance

Clinical Nutritionist/Strength Coach

Cameron Gardner

M.S. ACN, C.S.C.S.

Graduated with honors from New York Chiropractic College with a M.S. in Applied Clinical Nutrition.  His clientele include: competitive athletes, bodybuilders and physique athletes, people wishing to adopt healthier lifestyles, as well as patients with health issues such as Irritable Bowel, diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, and autoimmune issues,  His specialty is fat loss.  

Cameron has put his knowledge to the test in many arenas as an athlete as well. He earned his IFBB Pro Card, earned titles in Track as a 60-100M sprinter, won gold medals with the U.S. Bobsled Team, and became the first 105Kg Professional Strongman in the U.S by winning the National Championship.

My philosophy is that a healthier body is a better working body. Your health is our most important concern. If all body systems are working well, then it is easier to achieve your goals. If they are not, then we do things to repair what is not optimal.

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Nutrition Coach

Sherri Fontes

Certified Personal Trainer/NPC Figure Competitor

Has over 15 years of experience with in all aspects of fitness. She is at a national level figure competitor having competed in Team Universe in only her second show. She has been assisting Cameron for 7 years in management of the West Coast division nutrition clients.

Sherri has held titles of Miss Hawaiian Tropic Dana Point 2002, Miss February Hawaiian tropic 2004, placed 2nd in Miss Hawaiian Tropic Santa Anita Preakness 2004, placing first in her class and overall as a fitness competitor in Oxygen's Magazine Model Quest America Las Vegas  NV 2002. She has also danced professionally on tour and in music videos for various Billboard top 10 musical artists.


Sherri has competed and placed top 3 in numerous California's Strongest Man competitions and placed top ten at nationals 2014. She has first hand experience coming back from post-pregnancy and losing 50 pounds and keeping the weight off permanently. 

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Transformation Experts Since 1996

Over the past 25 years has evolved into a transformation expert; combining elements of clinical and sports nutrition, his diverse athletic and fitness background and years of goal setting and achievement to produce a winning formula!

Our clientele are everyday people looking for fat loss coupled many times with a medical issue such as IBS, Thyroid Issues, Metabolic syndrome, autoimmune disease, diabetes.  His athlete-clients are from a broad range of speed and strength sports such as track, football, BJJ, strongman, powerlifting as well as bodybuilding/physique/bikini competitors.


My name is Hansel Javier. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes about 3 years ago. When I was first diagnosed, my sugar levels were so high that I had to use insulin after every meal as well as take 3 different types of medications. My doctor told me that I would need to be on these medications for the rest of my life.


When I met Cameron in January of 2017 he told me he truly believed that diabetes could be slowed or even cured through the right diet and exercise regimen. I was a bit skeptical since the doctors had told me that it could not be cured. I always felt tired, sluggish, and never had the desire to leave the house. Since I had nothing to lose, I wanted to give it a shot. 


Cameron and I started working hard on my diet and exercise for the last 4 months. Since then, i have stopped my diabetes medication and my A1C level dropped from 8.5 to 6.  Cameron really helped change my life. I never thought I would feel the way I feel today or see the results I see in the mirror. Thru his motivation and dedication to my personal health and fitness, I can say today I am not the person I was 4 months ago. 

Hansel Javier

I trusted Cameron to prep me for a bodybuilding show, and it was an incredible burden that was lifted off my shoulders. He has decades of experience in both Olympic and fitness training and has competed at both a local and national level himself. I was fortunate to have placed very high in my shows, 100% because of his acumen.


I would recommend (and I have recommended) Cameron for anyone who is looking to change themselves physically and mentally.

Matthew D.


East West Nutrition and Cameron helped bring my fitness to a level I thought was almost impossible. I've always enjoyed lifting and working out but something was always missing. After getting in touch with Cameron through another client of his, everything changed quickly. I was under eating and not managing my carbs/proteins/fats correctly. Cameron created a nutritional plan for me and fine tuned my workouts. Within a year I went from 169 lbs. and 21.3% bf to 135 lbs. and 9.7% bf when I won first 1st at my 3rd NPC competition. Not only is Cameron smart and instinctively knows what your body needs but he is a dedicated coach/nutritionist that goes above and beyond for his clients. If you are looking for an change and a smart coach and nutritionist, I'd highly recommend Cameron!!!

Courtney Klein

Man doing a pull-up

How we can help

We don't sell or promote gimmick diets or fad diets.  Every person is unique and has a unique set of circumstances which dictate the most appropriate diet and the appropriate set of macros to fit their health needs, their physique needs and their performance needs.  Our system promotes sustainable diets and life long health.

Macro Calculation

Macro Calculator

Compute your specific calorie and macronutrient needs based on personal information, lifestyle habits, and nutritional preferences.



Men and women have different metabolic rates and nutrient requirements.


Essential for calculating BMR and total daily energy expenditure (TDEE).


Daily Activity Level:

This helps in determining TDEE.


Weight Goal:


Health Status:

Diabetes can impact weight loss efforts, making it crucial for individuals to manage their condition through tailored diet and exercise plans.

Medical Conditions:

Certain conditions may affect dietary needs (e.g., diabetes, thyroid disorders).

Allergies or Dietary Restrictions:

These can influence the sources and types of macronutrients consumed.

Body Fat Percentage:

For more precise calculations, especially in athletic populations.


Contact Information:

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Thank you for your interest in East West Nutrition. We're excited to work with you to help you reach your health and nutrition goals! Please fill out the form below and we'll be in touch shortly to discuss your needs and how we can help.

Your Choices

  • Do you give Macros?
    Yes, at eastwestnutrition, we provide customized macro plans for our clients based on their specific goals, body composition, and lifestyle. Our certified nutritionists work with clients to create a personalized nutrition plan that includes their daily macronutrient goals, such as protein, carbohydrates, and fats. By keeping track of your macros and adjusting them as needed, you can achieve your desired body composition, improve your energy levels, and boost your overall health. We understand that nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and that's why we tailor our services to meet the unique needs and goals of every individual client. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or simply improve your overall health, our team is here to support you on your journey.
  • What type of diet/nutrition system do you believe in?
    I don't prescribe to any one type of diet or system. Each client's unique situation lends itself to a particular diet whether it's Intermittent Fasting, Flexible Dieting, Ketogenic, Paleo, Time Restricted Feeding, Fasting, AIP, HCLF or HFLC, ZONE, etc.
  • I'm not a competitor. Can I still work with eastwestnutrition?
    Absolutely! Eastwestnutrition offers personalized nutrition consultations tailored to your individual needs and goals. We believe nutrition is a fundamental aspect of overall health and wellness, and we are committed to helping individuals of all backgrounds improve their well-being through nutrition. Whether you are an athlete looking to optimize performance, seeking weight management guidance, managing a specific health condition, or simply seeking to improve your diet for overall health and wellness, we are here to support you. Contact us to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards improving your nutrition and overall well-being.
  • I’m confused by the packages, which one is best for me?"
    Consultations are ideal for clients with specific questions about their current nutrition plan and are good for educational purposes. They're for beginners who aren’t ready to go full steam ahead but would like to make some healthy changes in their lives. These offer no coaching or contact after the consult. The Custom Nutrition Plan is good for someone who is committed and wants to go full steam ahead with their nutrition and exercise lifestyle change. This plan offers no other coaching or contact after consult. The Nutrition and Coaching Package is ideal for someone looking to maximize results and is willing to commit for three months. This would not be a good choice for someone who is unsure if they can commit or is too busy to make time for working out or who can't prepare meals or has never dieted before. This plan offers full coaching and consulting throughtout the 3 months.
  • How much weight can I expect to lose?
    in most cases 1-2 pounds of FAT loss can be lost in one week. Some people lose a little more and some people lose a little less weekly. Underlying health issues can affect weight loss. Your current lifestyle and body fat level will dictate how long it will take to lose. For example, if you have 20 pounds of fat to lose it can take 20 weeks
  • Do I need blood work first before starting?
    Not required before we meet, usually after our consult I can give a detailed list of labs needed to treat your specific condition.
  • Where is eastwestnutrition located, and do we have to meet in person
    Eastwestnutrition offers virtual nutrition consultations and coaching, which means you can receive our services from anywhere in the world. We utilize online tools to communicate with clients, including video chat, email, and phone calls. Our virtual approach allows us to reach clients in a convenient and accessible way, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to access our services regardless of their location. So, you don't have to meet us in person as we are a virtual nutrition consultancy.
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